Northeast Kansas Assistive Technology Access Site

TILRC is the Northeast Kansas Assistive Technology Access Site.

What does this mean?

This means we are the place where people in Northeast Kansas can come to use the statewide Assistive Technology program. “Assistive Technology” is equipment, including computers and computer programs, that help people be as independent as possible. The statewide Assistive Technology program coordinates resources statewide so people can get the equipment they need, wherever they live in the state. 

What can we do?

We can help people using Vocational Rehabilitation identify ways assistive technology could support them in their jobs. We can help people get the equipment they need to support their education or employment. 

We can help people who have Medicaid find out what types of equipment might help them live more safely in their own homes, and help them get Medicaid to pay for the equipment. 

We can help people who need special equipment for communication try out different types of devices through the TAP program. 

We can use the statewide equipment reuse and exchange program to locate gently used equipment when other ways to get or pay for equipment are not otherwise available. 

For more information about the Assistive Technology for Kansas program, go to: ATK Assistive Technology for Kansas