Seating and Mobility Assessment Services/Durable Equipment

Finding equipment that is in good working condition and is also affordable can be a barrier to living in the community. Often people have equipment that they have tried and it doesn’t work, or they get new equipment and need to make space by getting rid of the old equipment. TILRC accepts donations, repairs and refurbishes equipment as we can, and then we make it available for folks to purchase at very low cost.

People who spend significant parts of their lives in wheelchairs, scooters and other devices to get around know the importance of a well-fitting mobility device. TILRC provides wheelchair and other evaluations through our Occupational Therapist who works with physicians, vendors and insurance companies to ensure that the right mobility device and seating system is chosen.

In order to provide these services, TILRC has a dedicated evaluation room to do the needed assessments to make recommendations that are submitted for third party reimbursement including KanCare, Medicare, private insurance and private pay as well.

New wheelchairs/scooters can be typically procured every five years; more frequently if there is a change in medical condition. If you are interested in finding out more, call our occupational therapist Ken Lassman at 785.233.4572.