An Apple a Day: Dental Added to KanCare

Have you heard? KanCare, the state Medicaid program, now includes dental coverage.

Here’s what you should know: (a pdf fact sheet is included at the end of this post.)


Kansas Medical Assistance Fact Sheet: Adult Dental Coverage

KanCare now covers periodontal care, silver diamine fluoride treatments and some restorative dental procedures such as fillings and crowns for adult KanCare members aged 21 and older.

Covered Services

  • Periodontal care
    • Deep cleaning
    • Scaling
  • Select restorative dental procedures
    • Fillings
    • Crowns
  • Silver diamine fluoride treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find specific KanCare adult dental codes?
A: Refer to the KMAP Bulletin 22140 for specific KanCare covered codes.

Q: What if I need adult dental care that isn’t covered by state benefits?
A: Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) provide $500 of Value Added Benefits in addition to KanCare adult dental coverage. Contact your MCO to find out what dental care these benefits cover. Click on the name of your MCO to find a complete list of Value Added Benefits: Aetna, Sunflower, United Healthcare Community Plan. MCOs may also provide In Lieu Of Services to KanCare beneficiaries, including adult dentures and partials.

Q: Am I eligible for adult dental benefits?
A: Anyone enrolled in KMAP aged 21 or older may be eligible to receive adult dental benefits.

Q: How do I find a KanCare adult dental provider?
A: Check with your MCO to find a directory of KanCare providers, including dental providers.

*This information is provided in cooperation with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Health Care Finance.

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