EmpowHer Camp is a Fun and Exciting Program for Girls with Disabilities Ages 13-17.

2021 EmpowerHer Camp For girls with disabilities. Ages 13-17
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Deadline April 30, 2021


The Deadline to Apply is April 30, 2021!

EmpowHer Camp starts with one week of adventurous camping in the Adirondacks where we explore nature, make friends, and laugh around the campfire. We also connect with mentors who will help us set goals and achieve them! After our camping trip is over, girls go home and work on a project that interests them with the help of their mentor who they talk with every month! Next summer, girls go on a trip to Washington, D.C.! In D.C. girls will reunite with their friends and mentor, present their projects, and explore our nation’s capital!

We will be selecting 9 girls for our
2021 EmpowHer Camp program.

Connecting Girls with Disabled Women Role Models

Through our Letter From a Role Model program, we connect girls with disabilities to successful disabled women role models.

Letter from a Role Model.
Charity, 16, Foodie, Loves animals
Tylia Flores, Charity's Role Model

Meet Tylia and Charity!

Charity is a 16 year old young woman with cerebral palsy & intellectual disabilities. Charity is a big foodie and hibachi is her favorite! She also loves helping people and being around animals. After high school, Charity wants to work in a field where she can help others.

We matched Charity with Tylia! Tylia is an advocate and radio show personality with cerebral palsy. Like Charity, Tylia also loves helping others. In fact, Tylia was eager to be a Role Model with Disability EmpowHer Network!

Tylia said “Being a mentor with Disability EmpowHer Network means the absolute world to me. It’s an honor to get the opportunity to mentor someone who is going through similar obstacles that I went through. I’m completely touched by the opportunity that I’ve had to mentor such a beautiful individual.”

Charity was equally excited about being matched with Tylia. She was so proud and excited to receive her letter from Tylia that she FaceTimed every family member to share the news!

“We all are so excited for her,” Charity’s mom told us. “Especially to find that she and her role model had SO MUCH IN COMMON! As a mother, I felt so much hope for her future and a sense of connection that someone who’s navigated the path she’s on will be there to encourage, celebrate with, and help her along the way. This is such a beautiful concept and organization. Thank you for providing a priceless treasure.”

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