Kim Dietrich, independent living advocate, was appointed to the City of Topeka Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Advisory Council in August.

Kim has been an advocate with Topeka Independent Living Resources Center (TILRC) for 25 years, where she has helped people with individual and systems advocacy, learning skills to live independently, navigating systems to get services and supports, and transitioning into community living. She has been an important part of the agency’s community activities, often leading the organizing committees for events, and as a leader in the George Wolfe Youth Intern program, which offers young people with disabilities a competitive, integrated summer employment opportunity.

The ADA advisory council is appointed by the Topeka City Council to bring the voice of disabled citizens to the Council and the community.

The advisory council advocates in all areas of the city’s services, including:

  • Pedestrian safety
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Access to city buildings
  • Access to city recreation sites and programs
  • Other concerns affecting safety, accessibility, and opportunities in the city of Topeka.

For more information about the advisory council go to is a federally-recognized center for independent living, managed and operated by people with disabilities. Our mission is to advocate for Justice, equality,and a fully accessible and integrated society for all people with disabilities. For more information about TILRC and the services we provide, call 1-800-443-2207 or 785.233.4572 or go to our website at