Topeka Metro promotes income qualified passes

From the Topeka Metro, September 06, 2016

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TOPEKA, KAN. (September 6, 2016) – Cost of transportation is often cited as a barrier to those trying to improve their life. To help alleviate cost issues, Topeka Metro offers half-price fare for income-qualified riders. Since its inception in March 2015, more than 1,000 individuals have taken advantage of the program.

Topeka Metro understands there are many Topekans who struggle to pay full priced bus fares, and the purchase of an income-qualified fare essentially cuts the cost in half, helping passengers financially.

"Even though we’ve had this program in place for over a year, we know there are folks who are not aware of the discounted rates and therefore are not using public transportation," said General Manager Susan Duffy, Topeka Metro. "The income-qualified fare program could help and is definitely worth pursuing if they are eligible."

To qualify for the income-qualified passes, an individual’s personal income or family income must be 200% below the federal poverty line. Essentially, if a family receives support from a non-profit or social service agency, or the children receive free/reduced lunches, they should be eligible. An individual’s income qualification must be verified by a social service agency. Qualified Topeka Metro riders will receive an identification card that allows them to purchase half-price bus fares over the next year. Applications are available on Topeka Metro’s website at under "Reduced Fare (Income Qualified)". They are also available at Quincy Street Station customer service. Forms are available in English and Spanish.

"One of the riders shared that she was able to purchase a new pair of shoes with the money she saved on the income-qualified bus fare,"” said Duffy. "We like hearing that people can stretch their budget by utilizing this program. We know it makes a difference."

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