Advocacy Alert: Another Postponment of BCRA Vote Creates Advocacy Opportunities!

July 17, 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has postponed the vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) until Senator McCain returns to work following a recent surgery. The speculation is that make occur in a little as a week or as long as several weeks from now.

Another delay buys McConnell more time to tweak the bill and wrangle the votes needed to pass it before the next Senate in August. It also gives grassroots advocates more time to convince skeptical Senators, like Jerry Moran to oppose the bill.

Senator Jerry Moran has voiced serious concerns as to how deep cuts and the capping of Medicaid spending would impact Kansans.  However, he still hasn’t given his firm commitment to oppose cuts to Medicaid or converting Medicaid from an entitlement to a per-capital cap and ending pre-existing conditions coverage.

Advocates should continue contacting Senator Jerry Moran and hold him to his recent public statements that he doesn’t support cutting Medicaid, will protect coverage of pre-existing conditions and will lower costs and make coverage more affordable.  The BCRA do none of these things!

Senator Moran will be back home visiting with constituents again the latter half of August when Congress is in recess. Advocates need to seize this opportunity to share our message! Look for opportunities to talk to the senator if he happens to be visiting your community or drop by one of his local offices.

Please Act Now!

Senator Jerry Moran’s Local Offices

If you live in Palco, Kansas Senator Moran will be at McKenna Youth and Activity Center on July 6th at 11:30AM.

Another easy way to do very effective advocacy is to take a selfie holding a sign that says – “Don’t cut Medicaid/Protect ACA coverage”  or if you are on Medicaid or are paid through Medicaid, hold a sign that says “I am Medicaid”. Send the pictures to us at: and we will get them sent along for you. Then view the pictures we’ve already posted @KansasADAPT.

For more information call Kevin Siek at 785-233-4572.

Red Hot Advocacy Alert Update (printable flyer)!

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