Shawnee County Election Office is looking for workers for the upcoming election

By Jared Thompson, July 25, 2016

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — This year’s voting process is a little different since voters can now vote with a touchscreen. But those who are used to a more traditional way of voting might find the new technology to be confusing.

“It’s paper-based,” Shawnee County Election Commissioner, Andrew Howell said. “Every voter has a piece of paper now. We don’t store votes on a hard drive.”

The electronic method has the voter submit their votes using a touch screen, then their votes are printed out onto a ballot where the voter can review the selection before it’s scanned into the ballot box.

In a way, voters are still using paper to vote for their political party. You still have the option to vote on paper if you choose. But with today’s technology, votes can now be submitted in a quicker fashion.

“It’s to comply with the ADA federal law for folks with disabilities or that need of assistance.”

With the primary election right around the corner, Shawnee County Election Office is in need of workers to handle next Tuesday’s rush and the general election in November.

“We’re looking for elections workers who can work from seven in the morning, well actually you’ll have to show up before then, but polls will open at seven a.m. and then close at seven p.m.”

Workers can expect to get paid minimum wage for their three hours of training and $110 on election days.

“We’re constantly on the hunt for new workers. Just part of keeping a number of people on hand and ready to go.”

Howell said he’s looking for workers to be on standby for next Tuesday’s election and needs about 150 workers for the election in November.

KSNT News talked with election coordinators in Riley, Lyon and Geary Counties Monday. All said they are fully staffed with election workers for next week’s primary. Don’t forget when heading out to vote, bring a valid form of ID or passport.

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