Anthony Foxx Confirmed Unanimously as U.S. Secretary of Transportation

By Tanya Snyder, DC Street Blog, June 27, 2013

Newly confirmed DOT Secretary Foxx

Anthony Foxx has been confirmed by the full
Senate to be the next Secretary of Transportation

After a remarkably smooth and uncontentious process, Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx has just been confirmed by the full Senate as the 17th U.S. Secretary of Transportation. Not a single senator voted against — or even abstained from — his confirmation.

Coming to the position as the mayor of a major southern city, Foxx brings with him an understanding of urban concerns and has translated that understanding into a firm support for smart urban solutions: light rail, streetcars, bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and transit-oriented development.

His confirmation hearing last month gave some more indication of what kind of secretary he would be, as he promoted TIGER and put faith in technology and performance requirements to stretch limited dollars.

This morning, Ray LaHood spoke to reporters at the National Press Club — more on that later — and wished his yet-unconfirmed successor all the best. When asked what advice he’d give Foxx, LaHood said, “He doesn’t need much advice. I told him I’d have an open phone line. He’ll do well.”

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